Friday, February 17, 2012

Long time, no post!

Well, I haven't had much to blog about, as my day job turned into my day-night-and-weekend job for the last month. I'm finally going to do more than look longingly at my sewing machine this weekend as I trudged from work to bed (one time 24 hours after having left my bed - brutal!), and hopefully by Tuesday I will have finished a small project that was supposed to be done in January! And by this time next week, I might even have finished up a bigger project, too!

I am also 769 blog posts behind on my reader. And I decided last weekend that if I want to get married this spring, I should probably pick a date and start planning! I saw a blog where everyone got a homemade cloth napkin as a wedding favor. Love the concept, even more so if it had a matching placemat to cover the graffitied park benches in the pavilion where we're holding the event, but yeah...less than 3 months...not going to happen, I'd say!

I do have a great helper, though! If only she would learn how to sew!