Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm still alive!

I knew I shouldn't have made my New Year's Resolution be to blog more...because that made it destined to fail! But I am still alive and well, if not quilting much!

I'm now 34 weeks pregnant, and my boy is moving and wiggling, giving me horrendous heartburn, and generally keeping me worn out, but is just so cool! We're most likely going to be meeting him in about 3 weeks, as I have complete placenta previa right now and will have to deliver early by scheduled c-section in order to avoid hemorrhaging. It's not at all how I wanted things to go (I was planning a natural childbirth and actually looking forward to that experience), but as the time draws near, I've come to terms with it. Indeed, the idea of knowing "today's the day I'm having this baby" is actually pretty helpful. We'll know more on Friday, when they do another ultrasound just to see if maybe I've gotten lucky and that pesky placenta has moved out of the way, but as it gets hotter and I get bigger, I'm becoming ok with not holding out until July! As long as he and I are healthy, that's what matters!

So, we decided a few weeks ago on a nursery "theme", which will give us something to work towards in the next 4-5 months! The theme had been post-apocalyptic wasteland, as my poor husband had to take everything out of his office (including all the stuff that was in the guest room when I moved in and took it over for my stuff, including my sewing area) and organize it and put it in storage or find other places to tuck it in the house. We had the room painted a pale yellow called "morning sun", and we're having new carpet put in because the painter got as much paint on the carpet as the walls practically! (Oy - renovations by a guy who turned out to be a real jerk at 32 weeks pregnant is a bad idea! That said, I'm so happy it is almost done, and though there are lots of flaws and things that should have been done better, I keep telling myself it is a vast improvement over what we had!) The "official" colors will be teals/aquas with chocolate brown accents, and the theme is the Galapagos, since we went there for our honeymoon and loved it (and took great photos of the animals that we can have printed and put on the walls, perhaps). I don't know how far we'll go with the theme, though I am tempted to get a better map of the Galapagos for the wall with marks where we visited...that would be fun! Of course, what I should do is make the map with fabric and appliqué with the completely awesome MistyFuse...I'll have to think about that! And Bryan showed me a cool constellation quilt that makes me want to make one of those of the sky that we saw there last June - yet another project that might be done in time for his college graduation! Yes, I am way behind to decorate properly....indeed I'm trying to ignore other people's beautiful, coordinated nurseries that are ready for months before their child is born (or their large stacks of quilts, outfits, fabric baskets, curtains, etc...all the things I should have been making but haven't! I'm already a bad mother. Ah well!).

I did at least commission my mom, a polymer clay artist, to make a Galapagos mobile for us, and I am thrilled with how it turned out!

I'm sure I'll start blogging more as we have pictures of a little boy to share, and hopefully I'll sew something eventually so I have something to show! I've got a few things started (or at least fabric purchased and washed), so when we unearth my sewing area again from the renovation mess, I should be able to make a little progress.

And I'm doing a little hand-sewing on an old project that I should, in theory, finish at some point soon! It's a little yellow quilt with chicks on it that my friend Anne and I started together many years ago...hers is finished and on the wall of her nursery, and mine has been sitting half-appliquéd for years, mostly because I used steam-a-seam lite, which, in my opinion, is absolutely miserable to sew through...especially when there are several layers of it. I hate to not finish it by hand since it is mostly done that way, but's not fun trying to make neat little blanket stitches through it. We'll see!

The picture with my husband was at 22 weeks, I think (March 3...for my husband's birthday present, he got to feel his son kick for the first time! Well-played, baby!). And the picture of my son was from his 28 week ultrasound. I was thinking about asking a random person on the train this morning to take an updated picture of my baby bump, but that feels slightly creepy, so I'll just post one soon when I can remember to have my husband take one! I meant to take a bunch, but alas...I seem to have a lot of good intentions that don't quite happen! I just have no idea where the time has gone!