Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fabric obsession...

OK, I admit it. I'm obsessed with fabric. I love looking at it, thinking about it...even dreaming about it! I had so much fun with my friend Anne on Sunday looking at what was in my wishlist from Hancocks of Paducah and then finally placing my order on Monday night while they were having a 10% off sale (off of my already sale-priced fabric...too good not to buy lots of pretty batiks and Kona cottons). I'm slightly worried about Bryan's reaction when the box arrives at his office (way too valuable to be left on the front stoop!). He is really strong, but it is entirely possible that it will be too heavy to lift! I'm almost embarrassed about how much I bought...almost! :)

I have LOTS of fabric already. I'm hoping to get it all organized soon to take a picture of it spread out on all of my shelves (happy sigh). Indeed, my problem right now is too many fabric choices and not enough time to quilt with it. I'm hoping that will change soon, as I'm finally in the process of finishing up some really big projects.

My aunt's t-shirt quilt is so close to being done...I had thought I'd be able to finish it before New Orleans, but I've learned that when quilting in a hurry, I make time-consuming mistakes. That is part of why I shouldn't quilt late at night...I do stupid things like attach the side panel upside down, add the extra piece of batting that was meant for the other side, thus leaving me 3 inches short again, etc. I have finally figured out how I want to quilt it...right now, it is just quilted "in the ditch" around all of the t-shirts, with hand-quilting details on some of the shirts in a somewhat random fashion. I think I'm going to go back and add some additional straight-line quilting on the vertical columns to give some additional texture. I'm going to do something similar on the side panels, which, truth be told, are one of my favorite parts of the quilt. I did a row of "piano keys" in wonderful batiks...I'll take a picture before I put it in the mail.


  1. Michael still has the quilt that you made for him with the cross stitch bunny on it.

  2. Carol! Oh my goodness! I hope that you somehow see this - I just saw your note today (new to blogging and how it works!), and I can't send you a message through the site. I am dying to catch up with you, though! I was telling someone the other day about my first ever attempt at a quilt...I was much more of a cross-stitcher when I made Michael's quilt, so I'm somewhat scared about how it looks these days, but I actually came across a scrap of the fabric from that quilt in a bag of crafty things at my parents' house when I was home briefly in August! Isn't that funny? I'm dying to hear how Michael and Frankie are doing - they must be all grown up by now! Wow - I'm so excited. I'll have to post a blog post about it in case you don't see this comment...hopefully that will work! Wow!


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