Monday, October 17, 2011

Progress on Anne's quilt

Today, I managed to get the quilt sandwich put together and pinned on Anne's quilt, and I did my first two lines of quilting. I always get hung up at the quilt sandwich stage, mostly because I don't love mopping the kitchen floor and then crawling around on my hands and knees. However, the quilt sandwich fairy never seems to stop at my house in the night to do it for me so...I finally did it! Can't wait to show off the finished photos, hopefully by the end of this week/weekend! Planning to do a combo of hand and machine quilting, and I've already made a bias binding for it, so as soon as the quilting is done, I can bind that baby and send it off to Anne!

Here's an early pic when it was up on the design wall.

Bryan was quite surprised when he saw it again as a finished top...can't understand why he couldn't tell exactly what it was going to look like when he saw it on the design wall! ;)

And here it is as a quilt sandwich! I need to photograph the back, too, as it turned out to be as cool as the front, I think.
To use up the remaining small scraps, I'm planning a matching mini-quilt (car-seat sized), but as much as I want to start piecing it, I'm going to get this quilted first.

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