Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Storm at Sea Preview...

I thought I'd give a few sneak peaks of my current piecing project (while I handquilt Anne's quilt).  This quilt is long, long overdue.  It was meant to be a wedding present for my friends, Talia and Aaron, who were married on Columbus Day weekend of 2009.  I had given them a beautiful piece of pottery as their official wedding present before they even got married, so my goal was to have it finished by last Columbus Day.  Well, I'd made great progress, having finished lots of diamond units and the middle part of the large square-in-a-square units, but I got stuck on layout.  I'd tried this arrangement, carefully balancing the tones of the center squares and the diamond units, and then I didn't know where to go next.

I tried various designs, and even had Talia stop by to take a look on our way to the Renn Fest over the summer.  Despite her assurances that she'd like it however it turned out, I was unhappy with my options, so I set it aside and worked on Anne's quilts.

Well, I got it back out recently and put it up on the design wall, and it seemed to just fall into place (or I decided to just go with it...probably the latter!).

It doesn't look like much here...I took lots of pictures (most of which I'll spare you) because my pieces have had a tendency to fall off the piece of flannel when my cat comes in to ask me to return to being social (another reason to make a real design wall!).  But, over the last week, I've managed to get 3 columns put together, and I'm loving it!  It is nothing if not time-consuming, especially since my perfectionist side is coming out in spades, leading to...drum roll...lots of pinning!

My goal now is to finish 1 column per evening.  That may be difficult to keep up, since Bryan does occasionally like to see my face, but still...I really want to get this done.  (Bryan asked me on our walk on Sunday if his t-shirt quilt could get into the mix, and I told him I had to finish this first, so I suppose that may help!)  Hopefully Congress will adjourn soon so I can take a few vacation days and sew all idea of heaven!  I wish I could have taken a picture of the two columns that have already been stitched together, but it was quite dark last night, and the only place to photograph them would be on the bed, which, despite my organizational efforts, is still covered with fabric.  I tell myself that if I just sew faster, I'll use up my fabric before I finish getting it all put away.  Of course, since I've decided to make a Chasing Chevrons mini-quilt with the off cuts from my little square-in-a-square units, that seems unlikely.  The chevrons will finish at maybe 2 or 2.5 inches.  But...they are a great way to use leaders and enders and have a surprise extra quilt when it's all done.  That is what I'm telling myself as I try not to burn my fingers ironing open seams on itty-bitty half-square triangles!

So much to sew, so little time!


  1. This is going to be a wonderful quilt! I've always wanted to make one and I really like your layout.

    Jennifer :)

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I'll let you in on my tips and tricks once I figure them out, but one thing I already know - I can't imagine doing it without the FastTRIM rulers (or whatever they're called). I could never have done it with templates! I also know that I'm going to have to make one for me, because I've just loved the design for forever! I can't wait for the weekend when I'll have enough light to take some pictures of the progress...and as I'm ironing the columns, I'm looking longingly at my pile of fabric for my big Chasing Chevrons. I need a slow day at work so I can finish planning out my cuts (or I just need to order some more of my Kona solid so I don't have to be so careful!) Maybe I'll see if any of my LQS have the color, just in case! Now that I'm happy with my final fabric selection, I just can't wait to begin, and I think it's actually going to go together really fast! I think I'll time it since I have no sense of these things, but I'm guessing 15-20 hours from when I make my first cut to get the top together. Though it will likely depend on how good my audible book is...I do find myself sometimes just sitting and listening in the gripping parts of some of the recent Tess Gerritsen books I've been sewing along to. :)

  3. This quilt is going to be beautiful! I'm so impressed.

  4. Elle - this is beautiful! I'm so glad you are putting it together. I really don't think you can go wrong with the layout. The randomness is part of what makes it so interesting. I really hope I get to see the finished product in person!


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