Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few more chevrons!

I continue experimenting on my method, and meanwhile, I've completed 9 chevrons! Only 51 to go (yikes!)!

I stopped by the closest quilt guild tonight and was sad to find out that I'm too late to enter their quilt show in the spring. I'd thought the timing would be perfect to be able to show my Storm-at-sea before giving it to my friends, but alas! I'll just have to make an awesome quilt next year in time for the show! I'll try again in 2 weeks to see if it looks like a fun group. It doesn't seem as welcoming as the DC Modern Quilt Guild, but I'd thought it would be convenient and fun to meet some nearby quilters (plus I don't really know anyone in this area, and it would be nice to meet folks who may know nannies or babysitters for our future little one!). I'm a fan of having a regular date night with my sweetie, but that will be difficult without knowing someone we can leave our child with, but if someone has a recommendation from a quilter, well...high praise indeed!

I have lots to accomplish this aunt's birthday is next week, and I plan to actually have a nice present for her in time this year, so I need to mail the package by Monday. But...tonight, I played with chevrons!

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  1. I like your color palette for the Chevrons - it's really calm and soothing. :) Good luck with the Quilting Guild - I've looked up some in my area, but have yet to actually go. One of these days...


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