Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One thing, One Week Challenge

Last week, I saw Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge, and I decided to join in the fun!  The idea was to pick one thing and accomplish it, and the reward (other than the wonderful sense of accomplishment of setting out to do something and actually doing it) is a bunch of charm packs of Flurry for one lucky winner.  Having just bought a tiny bit of yardage of a couple of prints from the line, I really, really, really hope I win! :)  (Yes, I broke my pledge to not buy new fabric for six months!  I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out...but still, I kept it more in control than I usually do, and since Bryan and I weren't officially exchanging Christmas presents, I decided that he really wanted me to buy myself some fabric.  Yeah...that's it!)

Anyway, even if I don't win the Flurry charm packs, I've already won because I've made great progress on my projects and felt more motivated than usual, so thanks Amy!

Here's what I said:

"Good challenge! I just finished the top of my storm-at-sea quilt, so assuming the fabric arrives in a timely fashion, I’d like to get the back made. I’m also going to try to make a good start on a duvet cover for my brother…I’m using Cynthia’s garden fence design again, and I hope to get the first ring of sashing cut and applied to 36 charm squares of Fandango! Finally, I hope to finish organizing and cleaning my sewing room this week. That is 3 things, so I guess I’ll be happy if 1 of them gets accomplished (though just writing it down is motivating me to make better use of my prized vacation day and get up and get to it!"

Yes, apparently I have trouble following directions (or I know myself well enough to know that I hate basting and cleaning, so I needed to give myself a chance at accomplishing a goal)!

Well, not only did I get the first round done on my brother's duvet, but last night I finished pressing all 36 of my completed blocks! Admittedly, I spent about 9 hours on Sunday and the better part of Monday working on it, in addition to a few hours on Saturday and many evenings last week.  I was slowed down slightly by the fact that I apparently have difficulty with simple addition.  I cut my pieces to 3.5" and 5.5" rather than 3.25" and 5.25", so I had to go back and trim my units before adding them.  D'oh!  (I did figure out that I could just trim one side of each unit and save the extra trimming for when the block was complete.)  Having added the second set of sides, I'm finding that they aren't adding up to a perfect 11" square...not sure how I managed to be off, but I started trimming them last night and decided to see how I felt this evening.  I decided that they were close enough, so I've just sewn the first row together.  I don't think it will be obvious when it is on the bed if it's not perfect...and it is better than their current duvet cover, which is apparently completely worn out!

I'm really looking forward to getting this duvet cover done - I'd told myself that I wasn't going to work on a project for someone else until I made myself a quilt...have I mentioned that I sleep under a blanket that was originally my brother's that I remember him having at least as far back as 2nd's at least 25 years old, if not older (but I love it)?  For a quilt, I still use my first "big" quilt - a flannel cheater print quilt that I did in a simple log cabin with piano key borders and a back that I designed myself.  I was so proud when I finished it, and I still do like it (and our cat loves it!), but gosh...that's been over a decade ago now and I've come a long way...and besides, I'm still cold many nights, so I need to get to work on my chasing chevrons quilt, which I've decided to make in the twin size rather than the sofa size so that I can use it on my side of our king-sized bed, given that I'm always freezing and Bryan is not!  Too many projects, not enough hours in the day!  Perhaps I'll start trying to set a reasonable goal for myself each week and then trying to accomplish it (or, as in this case, exceed it!).

This is a picture of my little "helper" on Sunday night.  She was annoyed that her dad was at book club/movie night and that her mom wouldn't sit down and provide a warm lap but instead just kept ironing, cutting, and sewing like an obsessed automaton.  So, she found the warmest spot she could...right where I had been sitting!  It was fine while I was ironing, trimming, and designing, but when I was ready to sew again, we had to talk.  Poor kitty!  At least she's now content to sit by me while I sew...she used to just meow at me until I gave in!

My challenge for the next week...tear myself away from the duvet cover to finish placemats for my aunt in time for her birthday on February 2nd.  They are all cut...just need to change my thread and get to it! task...let's see if I can get it accomplished!


  1. The duvet cover will be beautiful! So many terrific prints! Great job!!! Great pictures too.

  2. Yay for getting things done! I always have issues with math it seems. At least you measured slightly too big and not too small. I did that once and I had to get more fabric - ouch. :)


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